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10-8 Forums was the first project of 10-8 Consulting, LLC. 10-8 Forums was started because we saw a need for a tightly moderated, industry friendly forum where professionals can gather and discuss serious issues. Our goal was to provide a venue where industry professionals can interface with the end users, provide product and service information, as well as obtain valuable feedback in order to better serve their needs. As a result, all users CAN share ideas and information with each other in a controlled environment.


The glut of discussion groups seemingly overflows with pre-pubescents and self anointed subject matter experts in every field under the sun. As such, It is impossible for the information seeker to discern good information from bad.


What makes 10-8 Forums different? First, the moderators are professionals with real world experience. The information they present are based on facts and/or first hand knowledge.


10-8 Forums has a strict registration process. The Forums can be accessed publicly, and anyone can read. However, in order to participate, all users must register with their True Name. No monikers, aliases, or nicknames allowed. In addition, all users must submit a scan of a government issued identification (driver's license, state issued ID card, passport, etc.,)  Current registration rules require all new applicants to be full time, active duty law enforcement, military, or be a documented industry professional. Students with more than 40 hours of documented specialized small arms/tactics training are also currently allowed to register.


We hope that all visitors and registered members alike find 10-8 Forums a valuable resource of up to date, valuable information. Special thanks to Pat Rogers, Rob Haught, Randy Cain, George Syrengelas, Mark LaRue, Ned Christiansen, and countless others for all their support.


For questions about the forums please contact us


Go to www.10-8forums.com.