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Instructor Biography Page

Chris Bedoka
Chris Bedoka has served active duty with the 2nd Ranger Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment, and is a veteran police officer in the State of California. His law enforcement duties included appointment as a Field Training Officer, a Special Response Team member, and department Rangemaster. Chris is currently the Operations Manager for Tangodown, LLC. He is a Surefire Low-Light Tactics and CA POST certified firearms instructor and teaches Pistol, Carbine and Shotgun.

Darryl Bolke
Corporal Darryl Bolke (Ret.) is an 18 year veteran with the Ontario Police Department in California. He was the primary instructor for all firearms systems used by the Ontario Police Department and their SWAT team. Darryl was also the Firearms Instructor/ Technician for the Ontario Fire Department Bomb Squad and Arson Investigators. Darryl has been the recipient of numerous awards and citations from the Ontario Police Department, and San Bernardino County for his work as a peace officer and trainer.

Dean Caputo
Sergeant Dean Caputo has served with a Law Enforcement Agency in Los Angeles County for 24 years and the supervising Instructor for the Departments Firearms Training Unit. Dean is a Colt Factory Trained Armorer Instructor on the M16/AR15 and "O-Frame" (1911) pistol, Gunsite Rangemaster/Instructor, CA POST Rangemaster firearms instructor, and NRA LE Firearms Instructor.

Erick Gelhaus
Erick Gelhaus has been a Deputy Sheriff with a large northern California Sheriff's department for the past sixteen years. Currently assigned to graveyard patrol as a field training officer, he is also a Senior Firearms Instructor. His prior assignments include gang violence suppression and narcotics investigations. Erick is back from a recent deployment to Iraq as part of the Global War on Terror and led an Infantry squad. In addition to being an adjunct instructor at Gunsite, he holds several firearms instructor and armorer certifications. Erick is a contributing staff writer for S.W.A.T. magazine.

Rob Haught
Rob Haught is a veteran law enforcement officer with nearly 20 years experience as a Patrol Officer, Chief of Police and Chief Deputy Sheriff in West Virginia. Rob is an accomplished competitive shooter with numerous National, Regional and State championships under his belt. Rob is a respected instructor for Federal, State and Local LE agencies. While best known as an innovative tactical shotgun instructor, Rob also offers programs in handgun, sub machinegun and carbine and is a consultant to the firearms industry and corporate security.

Jerry Huffman
Jerry currently serves as a full time Rangemaster for a large municipal police department in Orange County, CA. He is a certified firearms instructor by CA DOJ, POST and NRA LEAD. In addition, Jerry has three decades of experience in martial arts, with Instructor credentials in Jun Fan/Jeet Kune Do, Kali/Escrima/Arnis, Combat Submission Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Muay Thai Kickboxing. Jerry is the Founder of Force Options Institute, and has POST certified defensive tactics programs in various states. Jerry teaches Pistol, Shotgun, Carbine, Edged Weapons, Arrest and Control, and Ground Survival.

Tim Lau
Tim Lau works for a municipality in Los Angeles County, CA, as well as several known firearms training organizations, with instructor certifications from FBI, NRA, SureFire, Simunitions, CA POST, and teaches Edged Weapons Defense, Pistol, Carbine, Shotgun and Submachine Gun. In addition, Tim has over a decade of martial arts experience to include, Aikido, Kali/Escrima/Arnis, Jun Fan/Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai Kickboxing, and holds a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Robert Reed
Robert Reed is an Army Special Forces veteran (10th Special Forces Group) and has been a police officer for a municipal police department in Orange County, CA since 1977. His primary duties are Patrol and SWAT where he has extensive experience as an assaulter and police sniper. Bob is on staff at the Gunsite Academy and teaches Pistol, Carbine, Shotgun, Submachine Gun, and Police Sniper. In addition, Bob has nearly three decades of martial arts experience, to include Iaido, Kali/Escrima/Arnis, Muay Thai, Indonesian Silat, and others.

Joseph Riedy
Sergeant Joseph Riedy (Ret.) is an 18 year veteran of the Bethlehem (PA) Police Department, whose previous assignments include Patrol Supervisor, Vice, Special Operations and Training Division Supervisor responsible for training department personnel in firearms, less-lethal weapons, chemical munitions, and defensive tactics. Joe is an instructor for John Meyer's Team One Network and Heckler & Koch's International Training Division, and teaches Pistol, Carbine, Shotgun and Submachine Gun.

Nate Weinrich
Corporal Nate Weinrich is a full time police officer with a municipal department in Los Angeles, California, currently assigned to the Narcotics Unit. Nate previously served as a night shift Patrolman and Field Training Officer. Additionally, Nate is a department Rangemaster and Special Response Team member. Nate is a CA POST certified firearms instructor and teaches Pistol, Shotgun and Carbine.

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